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Back to School Checklist

Are you prepared for June 1st? With debate and mixed emotion at the forefront of many of our timelines due to the school re-openings, it feels like a surreal time. Despite this, it is important that we as a community pull together to conquer the challenges which are placed in front of us. This handy Back to School Guide is to be used as a checklist to ensure schools are properly prepared for the obstacles which may come their way.

Managing your school communication needs

  1. Gather Parent Feedback – It would be useful for schools to increase contact with parents in the leadup to their schools reopening. A place for them to have an opportunity to share comments, concerns and opinions would make them feel involved and influential. Teachers2Parents forms offers the facility to gather parental feedback.
  2. School Learning Back on Track – The first couple of weeks will be a little strange for teachers, as they aim to stabilise their pupil’s learning. During this period, regular contact with parents will be pivotal.
  3. Home Learning – Do not forget about homework, it’ll be really important upon the reopening of schools! As children return to normality, we recommend emailing parents with details of the work you’ve set to ensure they’re kept in the loop. Try to maintain some of the processes you’ve developed during home learning, some valuable lessons and schedules can now be applied within your school.
  4. School Text Alerts – As the situation changes it’ll be important to contact parents and guardians as quickly as possible. In this scenario, text alerts are by far the best choice of communication as parents are likely to respond eagerly to SMS notifications.
  5. A School Noticeboard – Every school needs a digital noticeboard to post changes and updates, Teachers2Parents’ school app includes a fully integrated noticeboard, calendar and messaging centre!

Free School Comms Resources

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Managing your school payments

  1. Cashless School Dinners – It is essential that payments are completed within schools electronically when schools return. Without this, there will be an increased risk of coronavirus transmission due to cash handling.
  2. Cashless School Top Up – Parents need to be able to top up their child’s lunch card remotely via the internet, an app or through a paypoint counter.
  3. Online School Shop – School shops selling items such as stationary, uniform and equipment also ideally.
  4. School Payment Arrears – With SchoolMoney you can see in an instant who’s in arrears and send a text, email or letter reminder to parents and guardians.
  5. Remote School Club Management – Reserve and pay for their child’s place in a school club.
  6. Minimise Contact with The School App – The SchoolMoney app is an easy, secure and convenient way to pay for pupils trips, dinners and other expenses online.
  7. Cut Unnecessary Costs – Free up hours of admin, stop money collection fees and terminate expensive security services.

Free School Payments Resources

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How prepared are you feeling for June 1st? Comment below and let us know!


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