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9 COVID Friendly Classroom Ideas

During the current climate, it can be difficult to be creative and think on your feet. However, some teachers have gone above and beyond to provide us with some gorgeous ideas for the classroom, that are all COVID-19 safe! We hope this will inspire your creativity and give you some ideas for activities that you can do in your class! 


Mr Howe’s Class Photo: 

How gorgeous is this class photo?! It’s such a fun and easy way to get the whole classroom together in one photo – and all you need is a box! It will give the children something nice to remember as time goes on, rather than just the rubbish year of 2020

Mr Howe's COVID Friendly Class Photo

Miss K’s English Practice: 

Putting some real-life into learning, Miss K’s activity gives children the chance to perfect some bad grammar and spelling mistakes. This activity can be done from anywhere – even if the children are self-isolating! 


Miss Gallacher’s QR Codes: 

Miss Gallacher is using technology in the best way for this one, providing some more activities for those who have finished their tasks early. Not only does this solidify a child’s learning, it also reduces the need for a child to approach a teacher – reduce the virus transmission rate.  

 Miss Gallacher’s COVID Friendly QR Codes


Miss Rebucha’s World Art: 

Even though our children can’t be together this year, they can be part of something together. This piece of artwork is the perfect example of that! 

 Miss Rebucha’s COVID Friendly World Art


The Primary Pals Screen Recorder: 

If you’ve been forced into teaching on-screen, this screen recording top-tip might be able to help! With a touch screen, you’re able to use ‘Zoom’ just as you would a whiteboard. Technology at its finest! 

The Primary Pals Screen Recorder


Ms. Hassler’s Headbandz: 

With this virtual game, you’re able to edit the tabs so you can focus the game on your subject matter! The game is easily played via video camera too – so you can play anywhere you need to! 



Ms. Hassler’s E-Learning Postcards: 

These postcards are the perfect way to keep in contact with parents or guardians at home. You can write little notes home praising the children on what they did successfully that day.  

 Ms. Hassler’s COVID Friendly E-Learning Postcards

If you’re looking for other ways to contact home, why not take a look at Teachers2Parents? An easy way to communicate with parents and guardians in seconds.  


The New Headteachers Display Board: 

Students have been apart for a really long time, and sometimes it’s nice to help them be back together again. With this display board, you can easily reunite the students without having to break social distancing! 

The New Headteachers Display Board


Miss A’s Dreams and Memories: 

It’s important for our young ones to have time to reflect, especially this year. These cute little notecards allow pupils to really think about the positives in their past, present and future.  



If you love these ideas, let us know! We’d also love to hear the ideas that you have – and how you inspire your students daily!  


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